Conscious Object is a fusion hip hop project based out of Madison, WI (USA). The music encompasses a wide range of moods while blurring the lines between traditional hip-hop sounds and those derived from industrial rock influences.

Mr Bomb Camp, the producer & multi-instrumentalist behind the music, began his musical pursuits by playing live in rock bands, but also tinkered with making beats on the side. Reconsiderate, the lyricist, has been writing his own brand of free form prog music since 1999. In approximately the Fall of 2010, the two met via an online music service, intending at first to collaborate on a single song, but later decided to take the project further.

In their time together, the two have made some noteworthy accomplishments. Conscious Object has:

  • written and released two albums
  • performed live on a regular basis
  • collaborated with other artists, including Kristoff Krane
  • opened for Cage, Sadistik, Carnage the Executioner, Big Cats, Homeless, Eric Mayson
  • won two music awards ("Best Hip Hop Performer" and "Best Hip Hop Album", both at the 2014 MAMAs)
  • been selected by The Isthmus as one of just 3 highlights (out of over 250 artists) in the first annual Make Music Madison event

Conscious Object is primarily about making enjoyable and interesting music for its own sake, though you may be able to glean some substance from it if you listen carefully.

Wayfinder EP now available!

As in other Conscious Object works, Wayfinder creates a unique atmosphere that focuses primarily on melody and mood. The lyrical content is true to form for us as well, ie looking within to process internal experiences as a means of navigating life circumstances. This EP will likely appeal most to fans of complex raps that express coherent subject matter with deep meaning.

Debut album Sourcery now available!

Sourcery explores themes related to self-determination and accepting personal responsibility for the challenges you face in life. The music was made with a mixture synthesizers, samples and live instrumentation. It showcases Conscious Object's unique style in 9 full-length tracks plus several interludes.

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