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Q. How can you tell when a politician is lying?
A. His lips are moving.

As you may guess from the title bar image, I fail to see any real difference between democrats and republicans. Like Coke versus Pepsi, it's all empty calories and fizz.

In America, the candidate with the most money in his/her campaign fund will virtually always win the election. The American voter, having neither the sophistication nor the attention span to understand or to even listen to the issues, is conditioned from birth to respond to catchy phrases and well fashioned lies spewing from their televisions. The reader might at this point say to themselves, "Hey, this guy is pretty cynical about the political process!" You would be correct.

It is impossible to question that the persons who write the checks are going to have a huge voice in the government. The only question is how much, if any, influence the voters have remaining. I'm guessing, not much. One only needs to consider the recent financial crisis to get an idea. Without getting into the rat's nest of all that happened, we only need to know that the persons who were in charge of regulation and enforcement of that industry were accepting multimillion dollar "campaign donations" from those whom they were supposed to be protecting us from. In any other case than government, that would be considered a major conflict of interest.

Q. How do you think that Madoff survived five investigations by the SEC who already had proof of his guilt?
A. He wrote big checks.

At the time of the final financial meltdown, what difference did you see in the way Obama tossed money to the banks versus the way Bush threw money at the banks? Have any of the people who failed been replaced? The government went to great troubles to bail out the banks while at the same time allowing the small investors to lose everything. While unemployment soared, Wall Street had the money to hand out million dollar bonuses. So whose interested did the government really have in mind? It wasn't mine.

Part of the problem is that the average American voter is dumber than a sack of hammers. They seem to be perfectly happy to believe that the same people who provided the regulations that made the crisis possible are going to fix everything with some new regulations. Yes, I know that I am cynical, but I still know stupid when I hear it!

Another problem inherent in our political system is that a disproportionate voice is given to the lunatic fringe. Any controversial issue will have groups on the extreme fringes, either for or against, that receive all of the media attention and all of the political clout. There are no groups that support rational compromise and respect that persons of good hearts and minds can hold opposing viewpoints. There is only our side and those ignorant godless bastards on that side.

The good of the country is never going to lie in the extremes, yet it is the extremists who are shaping this country. We badly need leadership that has the ability to recognize the importance of respecting all sides of an issue rather than catering to whoever can produce a sizable check. Unfortunately there is exactly zero chance of such a person being elected, where will they get the money?

In the end, no matter which side wins any particular election, government just keeps getting bigger and less responsive to the needs of anyone who does not have a team of lobbyists representing them. Meanwhile, the American voter keeps voting for the same old idiots. They just aren't ready for change yet.

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