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Note that to install it, you will first have to uninstall GBWhatsApp as they cannot coexist on the same phone. Lets you read all messages and statuses, including those that have been deleted and those configured for one-time viewing. HeyMods have recently released the GB WhatsApp download version. It has a few new features that are similar to the latest version released by XDA. Here’s the link to GB WhatsApp download 2022 new version. Note – GBWhatsApp APK can be downloaded to any Android device.

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New whatsapp i like so much again who can turn on whatsapp. There are many more features that are added in the new GB WhatsApp v9.40 which is extremely useful for all of us. I have found only these features helpful and that’s why I only listed 20 features of GBWhatsApp. So, that’s how you can get started with GB WhatsApp v9.40 on your Android phone. Now, let me clear some FAQs of GB WhatsApp so there will be no doubts in your mind. After a while, you should see your WhatsApp data has been transferred over to the new device successfully.

A call of 30 minutes would approximately use just 5.5 MB of internet. Apart from that, you can use this app on any Android smartphone, without mattering the OS version or device configuration. It’s a futuristic app that even won’t need you to root or break your Smartphone’s security. Fortunately, Now you’vesuccessfully installed GBWhatsApp Appon your Smartphone, So open your app drawer and locate the GBWhatsapp icon. Download and Apply hundreds of gorgeous WhatsApp themes instead of that boring official white theme! You can also create your own theme here with your favorite wallpaper, header settings, and interior shapes.


Sometimes the developers of these MODs take a few days to compile a new valid APK. As soon as a new version becomes available, we will provide it immediately. Since you wrote this message, we have updated the app, therefore, it should be working properly now. When we talk about the official app’s multimedia feature, we get many problems like we are not able to send larger-size videos and audios.

No, the GBWhatsApp app is not safe for usage, if you use GB Whatsapp, your account may get blocked by WhatsApp. On the other side, GBWhatsApp is not harmful to your smartphones. XDA developers were the ones who created the GBWhatsapp on their own. Their application got popular due to the features which are not present in the official Whatsapp. In this mod, you are provided with many features such as a Theme store, customization, and some other privacy options. GBWhatsApp is a mod version and was created by three developers individually.

GBWhatsApp Pro Changelog v17 00

In this article, we deal with your confusion and talk about everything you need to know about GB WhatsApp download. Before diving into how you can perform a GB WhatsApp APK download, we also tell you what, exactly, it is and what features it offers. Here SolutionExist Shared some Latest Version Information of GbWhatsapp Apk Latest Version. So you don’t have any issue Related to the Latest or Old Version, You just check the Update Date and Update Versions, And Do not worry about an Expiration date. You can download it using any kind of browser in India. , you guys might have heard the name of GBWhatsApp.

It also offers better security and a lot of new functionality. For example, you can choose from many different languages. Nowadays, since we find a lot of WhatsApp mods available but none of them actually work for a longer time on the market. There are ups and downs to using this third-party GBWhatsApp mod.

Updating gb whatsapp is pretty easy, you just need to download the latest version from the solution exist and install it on an android phone. SolutionExist in today, post will provide Gb WhatsApp is in the English Language for Indian and other Countries who Need this Apk File of Gbmods Whatsapp. Yes, it’s true you can also use GbWhatsapp App in Rooted and Also Non-Rooted Android Mobiles.

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